6 Steps to submitting a personal property claim

Step One: Contact Your Agent Immediately

Give your name, address, policy number, and the date and time of your loss.

Step Two: Carefully Document Your Loss

Make a detailed list of lost or damaged property. Videotape or photograph damaged property.

Step Three: Protect Your Property from Further Damage or Theft

Patch roofs temporarily. Cover broken windows with boards or plastic. If household furnishings are exposed to weather, move them to a safe location for storage.

Step Four: Work with Your Adjustor

It is the adjustor’s job to assist you and review your claim. The adjustor will inspect your list of lost or damaged property. The adjustor will work with you to calculate the value of the items on the list and prepare a repair estimate of damage to the property.

Step Five: Settling Your Claim

Don’t be in a hurry to settle your claim. Although you may want to have your damage claim settled as quickly as possible, it is sometimes advisable to wait until all the damage has been discovered.

Step Six: Make Repairs

See if the contractor holds a proper license by contacting your State Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Get a written estimate that includes any oral promises the contractor made.